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CocoBase Enterprise O/R Forums > CocoBase Installation
Websphere 3.5 Issue + Installing CocoBase Runtime Libraries into VAJ 3.5.4
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Registered: Jul 2001
Posts: 64

Hi all, I've been trying to setup cocobase (0820), VAJ 3.5.4 and Websphere 3.5.3 for the last couple of days and haven't had much success. After managing to get Cocobase to talk to Merant Sequelink for SQL Server, I came across these problems....

1) Ran through the CMP tutorial for Websphere, everything worked well until I tried to run the JSP, it returned the following status:

JSP Processor trying create on home null.
JSP Processor: Unable to locate a Cityinfo because java.lang.NullPointerException

Has anyone had this problem? I've removed everything and started from scratch a couple of times with no luck.

2) Using cocovaj.bat worked without error to install Cocobase, however when I tried to Install Cocobase Runtime libraries. It errors out with the following:

Installing cocobase runtime libraries. Please wait...
Errors occured while generating code:
The source file c:\thought\cocodemo3tier31\C:\thought\cocodemo3tier31\classes\thought\CocoBase\CBClause.class could not be located or opened.
. Another 30-40 files
Problems detected while trying to install libraries:
void com.thought.vaj.VAJInstaller.installLibraries()
void com.thought.vaj.VAJInstaller.installLibraries()
void com.thought.vaj.VAJInstaller.main(java.lang.String [])

It appears that the path that it looks at for the files is repeated ie:


I figured this was the COCO_HOME environment variable I had setup, so removed it, unfortunately this didn't fix the problem. Has anyone seen this before?

thanks in advance,
Andrew Bates

08-30-2001 11:47 PM
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Super Moderator

Registered: Apr 2001
Posts: 0

Regarding question 2), take a look at the file

c:\Program Files\IBM\VisualAge for Java\ide\tools\com-thought-vaj\classlist.txt

This file contains the list of classes that should
be imported by VAJ. Check this file to see if the file names
in the list have c:\thought\cocodemo3tier31\
repeated twice as in your message. If so, you can
correct this manually or you can try the command
SET COCO_HOME=c:\thought\cocodemo3tier31 explicitly
in the beginning of the cocovaj.bat file to see if that
generates the correct list of classes. The cocovaj.bat
uses the command

dir /b /s /a:-D %COCO_HOME%\classes\thought

to generate the list of classes. You can also run this
command in your prompt window and see what you get.

08-31-2001 05:41 PM
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Registered: Jul 2001
Posts: 64

Thanks Alex that fixed problem 2, the classlist file did have the full path, so removing the first part (which was also stored in the %COCO_HOME% variable) fixed the problem.

However I'm still having problems with getting the JSP page to communicate with the EJB. In the CityinfoProcessor
source code it references however in the deployed EJB file within Websphere the class is Could this be the problem?

09-02-2001 07:46 PM
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Registered: Apr 2001
Posts: 19

This definitely looks like a problem. Try undeploying the application and redeploying with the correct reference (


09-04-2001 10:58 AM
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