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Maps don't show in tree
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 17

Just installed CocoBase for evaluation. Using as an Eclipse plugin to WSAD V5. Launching WSAD via the bat file does not work (hangs) so am launching WSAD as normal. I specified an XML repository as below.

Am able to successfully start the Admin console and connect to my DB2 database. Can do a create map for table and get a message that the generation was successful. However, when I look at the list of Maps in the tree, there are no maps.

What am I missing?

--Amy Smith Herman Miller

UseJavaNaming = true
NameSeparator = _
CollisionHandling = numberIncrement
GenerateFieldNameOnly = true
GenODBMS = false
debug = false
overwrite = false
defaultDirectory = .
GENERATEFILTER = thought.CocoBase.CompileCodeGen
MAPSAVEFILTER = com.thought.CocoAdmin.CocoRepositoryXmlOnly

08-19-2003 02:44 PM
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Registered: Apr 2001
Posts: 19

If you're having trouble with CocoBase not showing up in the WSAD environment, engineering says you have to close all perspectives then reload the Java perspective.

1) Close all perspectives by right-clicking the perspective icons in the upper portion of the left hand icon bar and selecting close all from the pop-up menu.

2) Re-open the perspective by selecting (from the main menu) Window->Open Perspective->Java

Apparently WSAD caches the settings of the perspectives.

That should fix the issue when launching with the wsad bat file.

As for the maps not being there, if you're using an XML repository approach and have edited your, make sure you've re-run your ide integration script because this configuration information is copied into the IDE using the integration. As a result any changes to the demos\resources for CocoAdmin or your database must be reconciled with the IDE.

Does that make sense?


08-19-2003 02:59 PM
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 17
Maps don't show in tree

>>make sure you've re-run your ide integration script

I did this multiple times, restarted WSAD each time. I checked the jars to be sure the correct properties files were there. Everything looks OK with that. The I attached to the original post was from the C:\Program Files\IBM\WSAD5\eclipse\plugins\com.thought.cocobase\cocobase.jar file.

>>If you're having trouble with CocoBase not showing up in the WSAD environment

This is not the problem. It shows up fine when I run C:\Program Files\IBM\WSAD5\wsappdev.exe, but this is not what the instructions say to do.

Maybe I should send a note to tech support because I had to make some changes to the build.xml file that were not strictly as documented. Then I added the db2 zips to build.xml and plugincore.xml because I got tired of doing all that manually. There may be a problem. Here is a copy of my build.xml:
This is the Ant script for bulding/installing CocoBase into Eclipse.
Currently valid targets are:

compile - compiles plug-in classes
installcore - installs CocoBase support libraries into Eclipse
install - installs CocoBase into Eclipse

<project name="eclipse" default="install">
<property environment="env" />
<property name="cocohome" value="c:\my download files\cocobase" />
<property name="eclipsehome" value="c:\Program Files\IBM\WSAD5\eclipse" />

<!-- Lookup CocoBase home directory -->

<target name="-get_cocohome" if="env.COCO_HOME" unless="cocohome">
<property name="cocohome" value="${env.COCO_HOME}" />

<target name="-set_cocohome" depends="-get_cocohome" unless="cocohome">
<!-- defaults to /thought/cocobase4 -->
<property name="cocohome" value="${file.separator}thought${file.separator}cocobase4" />

<target name="-cocohome_check" depends="-set_cocohome" if="cocohome">
<echo message="CocoBase home dir is ${cocohome}" />
<available file="${cocohome}/demos" type="dir" property="cocobase.ok" />

<target name="-cocohome_fail" depends="-cocohome_check" unless="cocobase.ok">
<fail message="Could not find CocoBase directory ${cocohome}. Please check property values set for this script." />

<!-- Lookup Eclipse home directory -->

<target name="-get_eclipsehome" if="env.ECLIPSE_HOME" unless="eclipsehome">
<property name="eclipsehome" value="${env.ECLIPSE_HOME}" />

<target name="-set_eclipsehome" depends="-get_eclipsehome" unless="eclipsehome">
<!-- defaults to /eclipse -->
<property name="eclipsehome" value="${file.separator}eclipse" />

<target name="-eclipsehome_check" depends="-set_eclipsehome" if="eclipsehome">
<echo message="Eclipse home dir is ${eclipsehome}" />
<available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins" type="dir" property="eclipse.ok" />

<target name="-eclipsehome_fail" depends="-eclipsehome_check" unless="eclipse.ok">
<fail message="Could not find Eclipse directory ${eclipsehome}. Please check property values set for this script." />

<!-- Look for tools.jar under JAVA_HOME/lib -->

<target name="-javalib_check" >
<echo message="Java home dir is ${env.JAVA_HOME}" />
<available file="${env.JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar" property="java.ok" />

<target name="-javalib_fail" depends="-javalib_check" unless="java.ok">
<fail message="Could not find tools.jar directory under ${env.JAVA_HOME}/lib. Please check your environment settings." />

<!-- Everything is properly set now. Below are the valid targets -->

<target name="compile" depends="-cocohome_fail,-eclipsehome_fail">
<mkdir dir="${basedir}/classes" />
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime" type="dir" property="eclipseruntime" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime" /> -->
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources" type="dir" property="eclipseresources" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources" /> -->
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui" type="dir" property="eclipseui" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui" /> -->
<available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime_2.0.2" type="dir" property="eclipseruntime" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime_2.0.2" />
<available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources_2.0.1" type="dir" property="eclipseresources" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources_2.0.1" />
<available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui_2.0.2" type="dir" property="eclipseuiworkbench" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui_2.0.2" />
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime_2.1.0" type="dir" property="eclipseruntime" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime_2.1.0" /> -->
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources_2.1.0" type="dir" property="eclipseresources" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources_2.1.0" /> -->
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench_2.1.0" type="dir" property="eclipseuiworkbench" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench_2.1.0" /> -->
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui_2.1.0" type="dir" property="eclipseui" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.ui_2.1.0" /> -->
<!-- <available file="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.jface_2.1.0" type="dir" property="eclipsejface" value="${eclipsehome}/plugins/org.eclipse.jface_2.1.0" /> -->

<echo message="eclipseresources is ${eclipseresources}" />
<echo message="eclipseruntime is ${eclipseruntime}" />
<echo message="eclipseui is ${eclipseui}" />
<echo message="eclipseui is ${eclipseuiworkbench}" />
<echo message="eclipsejface is ${eclipsejface}" />
<javac srcdir="${basedir}" destdir="${basedir}/classes">

<pathelement location="${cocohome}/classes11" />
<pathelement location="${cocohome}/classes" />
<pathelement location="${eclipseruntime}/runtime.jar" />
<pathelement location="${eclipseresources}/resources.jar" />
<!-- <pathelement location="${eclipseui}/ui.jar" /> -->
<pathelement location="${eclipseuiworkbench}/workbench.jar" />
<!-- <pathelement location="${eclipsejface}/jface.jar" /> -->

<target name="installcore" depends="-cocohome_fail,-eclipsehome_fail,-javalib_fail">
<delete dir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<mkdir dir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${cocohome}/lib/xml.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${cocohome}/lib/jndi.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${cocohome}/lib/ejb.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${cocohome}/lib/" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${cocohome}/jakarta-ant-1.4/lib/ant.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${cocohome}/hsql143/demo/hsql.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="${basedir}/plugincore.xml" tofile="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core/plugin.xml" />
<copy file="${env.JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<!-- Amy added -->
<copy file="c:/Program Files/sqllib/java/" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />
<copy file="c:/Program Files/sqllib/java/" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.core" />

<!-- generates launch script for win-based os -->
<echo file="${eclipsehome}/cbeclipse.bat">@set JAVA_HOME=${java.home}
@set COCO_HOME=${cocohome}
@set ECLIPSE_HOME=${eclipsehome}
@set CBLIB_PATH=%COCO_HOME%\lib\ejb.jar;%COCO_HOME%\lib\jndi.jar;%COCO_HOME%\lib\
@%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -classpath ${eclipsehome}\startup.jar;%CBLIB_PATH% org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main</echo>

<!-- generates launch script for unix-based os -->
<echo file="${eclipsehome}/">#!/bin/sh
${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -classpath ${eclipsehome}/startup.jar:${CBLIB_PATH} org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main</echo>


<target name="install" depends="compile,installcore">
<delete dir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.cocobase" />
<mkdir dir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.cocobase" />
<delete file="${basedir}/cocobase.jar" />
<jar jarfile="${basedir}/cocobase.jar">
<fileset dir="${cocohome}/classes" includes="**/*" />
<fileset dir="${cocohome}/classes11" includes="**/*" />
<fileset dir="${cocohome}/demos" includes="*.properties,resources/*.properties" />
<fileset dir="${cocohome}/demos" includes="*.ddl,resources/dbinstall/*.ddl" />
<fileset dir="${basedir}/classes" includes="**/*.class" />
<mkdir dir="${basedir}/resources" />
<copy file="${basedir}/" tofile="${basedir}/resources/" />
<copy file="${basedir}/" tofile="${basedir}/resources/" />
<jar jarfile="${basedir}/cocobase.jar" update="true">
<fileset dir="${basedir}/" includes="resources/*.properties" />
<delete dir="${basedir}/resources" />
<move file="${basedir}/cocobase.jar" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.cocobase" />
<copy file="${basedir}/plugin.xml" todir="${eclipsehome}/plugins/com.thought.cocobase" />


08-20-2003 08:18 AM
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 17
Maps don't show in tree

The latest update fixed the problem. Thanks.

08-22-2003 07:32 AM
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Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 17
maps not in tree

The update you sent works fine. Thanks. --Amy Smith

08-25-2003 10:49 AM
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Registered: Apr 2001
Posts: 19
maps not in tree

Glad to hear it!


09-02-2003 10:41 AM
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